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Study Abroad Universities, is the best international student recruitment agencies in Tanzania. Many of our directors are alumni from various universities abroad. They have firsthand experience on student’s life abroad. For the last three years, our agency has been able to serve more than 2000 students, who benefited from our various programs. Our service-oriented attitude towards study abroad to all our students is exemplary.

Study Abroad Universities makes sure each student excels throughout the entire study abroad process. From a student’s initial contact with us, we hope that he or she will quickly realize how important each individual is to us. Study Abroad Universities, takes each student’s requests very seriously, we are able to be flexible in order to meet his or her specific needs. We believe that by studying abroad, students not only witness another culture, but they also experience the culture by living a new way of life.

Students encounter people from all walks of life with whom they are able to make a connection, whether through similar interests, a shared laugh, or even a long bus ride. We hope that students will gain a cultural understanding and personal independence that can only be achieved by living and studying in another country. After graduation, this gives our students a competitive edge over other students.

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Looking for an opportunity to study elsewhere in the world? Look no further, Study Abroad Universities is here for you. There are many great opportunities that await you, and Uniserv’s dedicated and highly qualified staff from the Study Abroad Team are just whom you need to meet.

You can apply for university and college in the USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, Malaysia, China, Russia, Ukraine, Dubai, India, Cyprus or amongst the various others options available.

Our dedicated staff are here to assist you in planning and preparing for your university admission in a very organized and efficient manner, so that nothing is left to chance and no deadlines are missed.


We are caring, collaborative, and invigorating learning community that connects students to a world of opportunity.

To provide students with the best solutions and easy access to international universities around the world.

Our purpose is to reach out to the students and create opportunities to students, parents and university partners at large.

We are committed to ensuring that our students don’t face any issues post arrival in the country of their choice. Our long experience of helping students acclimatize to new countries plus our huge network of professional staff enables us to provide the smoothest transition possible for new students adjusting to their new environments. We provide the following services to students ensure that they make a confident start.

  • Airport pick up
  • Accommodation assistance
  • Resume writing assistance
  • Guidance on work permit and other regulations
  • Immigration and post study work permits

A student must have completed high school, to study abroad. Most universities and colleges would want to admit a student who has attained grade C- plan and above, for those students who aspire to study at undergraduate (degree) level.

Our team of counselors are trained to provide unbiased advice based in the student’s career goals and his/her academic personal and financial profile. As this decision also involves considerable financial investment, our team ensures that you choose a program or university based on the following parameters:

  • Long term career prospects
  • Ranking
  • Cost factor
  • Part time and post study work regulations
  • Legal work permit and migration opportunities

Our staff will help you choose the right course and university and guide you through the process of applying to the university to the Visa application process of your destination countries.


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Our purpose is to reach out to the students and create opportunities to students, parents and university partners at large.

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